Saturday, October 15, 2016

some fun moments with Ben

When picking Ben from school, daddy asked him a few things:

- dem tu 1 den 50
- Cite Tre Tho
- Cite Cong On Cha Me
- Cite Chau Yeu Ong
- Cite Chau Yeu Ba
- Brush you teeth la danh noi xuc mieng la hong phai

Dad always checked what he has for lunch and Dad said chicken...Ben was amazed how would you know that...I was helping the chef with food...did you see me?

Dad sing...Bin la bin la u ca sin...bin la bin la u ca sen...bin la bin la u ca sinto...bin la bin la u ca tofu...

Ben said ah...that song was so annoying :)

One time Dad you want to talk to Adewumi Kondenege...Ben asked who is he...He is the Kenya president and Ben said

1 thoang vui

Today QuocNam went and visited grandpa at the nursing home.  He watched SBTN and during the singing of Trieu Con Tim, Nam hoi co ba trong do khong?  He always thought Lam Nhat Tien la ba. 

A nurse was talking to mom and said QuocNam is a handsome boy...He nodded and agreed :)

Sometime mon hoi Nam going ai...he said con going ba...Daddy hoi con muon going ai...Nam tra loi...con muon going ba

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

QuocNam 9th Birthday

Yesterday was a special day for QuocNam...his 9th birthday celebration.  He was excited at first with cousins joining him early in the morning.  He asked dad to skip Vietnamese school but was rejected and he was mad...said you're ruining my day.  Dad said "you need to go to school as you already skipped one last week...Teacher were working volunteer to teach and don't disappoint her".  Later on he went to school and told the teacher chi Thao about his birthday event today and teacher asked the class to sing to him...overall QN was happy.

Later his classmate joined.  We contacted ba Noi and then bac Hai to join him for via facetime.  He got cake, balloon and gifts and was excited.

Later on we went to dinner at 99 restaurant...QuocNam choice and enjoyed the fine food....

Happy Birthday to Benjamin QuocNam

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Going to VietNam America movie screening

Today our family went to Strande theatre to watch the documentary of VietNamAmerica.  I want to let QuocNam see and hear about the story of Vietnam war from the Vietnamese point of view and also see the journey of boat people like Dad who risked his life to be free from the Communist regime and to hear and see the hardship our people had went thru as the refugees of Vietnam and worked hard to become valuable citizen of America.  We had a quality time to review history without distortion from the left wing.

Present for QuocNam 9th birthday

QuocNam got his present 1 week before his birthday and he was anxious to open it soon.  Dad asked him to wait for the day and he was kept checking and brought to the room and shake it too to see what would be inside.  Couldn't wait until the day...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Development Poster for QuocNam

Just completed his development poster project for grade 3 and it looks great!  I'm proud of him

Sunday, September 11, 2016

First day at Van Lang 2016

QuocNam first day at Van Lang.  He is in 3rd grade now...Just try to keep up his Vietnamese language so I made QuocNam count from 1 to 40 and cites poems (Tre Tho, Cong On Cha Me, Chau Yeu Ong, Chau Yeu Ba)