Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nice touching moment for the New Year

When Dad was about to leave last night at 1am, I heard someone was running out toward the door...Thought it was mom...all lights were turned off...but the door openned and QuocNam came out and said "Bye Ba"...I was touched.  I came down to the car and heard the knocking on the window.  QuocNam was still up and looked out.  I drove the car out and stopped a moment at the window and saw QuocNam waiving...I rolled down the car window and waived back.

The next day I asked mom and she said QuocNam just saw light and realized Dad were going back to CT and ran out to see Dad.  He also waited until the flood light turns off before going back to sleep...

I guessed Dad spent a whole week there and had some bonds with QuocNam and he felt it.

Nice touching moment for the New Year

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve at Saint Anthony Boston

We were at home in Quincy and QuocNam wearing Santa Claus outfit...He acted funny...We then went to Saint Anthony at 10pm to attend Christmas Eve mass.  QuocNam gave a dollar to the homeless man in front of the church and he was happy and wished Merry Christmas to our family!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

10 years Anniverary

Mom & Dad have a special dinner at Hibachi restaurant near the King of Prussia Mall.  We had 14 people going to the dinner and got our own room with 2 chef.

We had fun eating some good Hibachi and sushi and watched the chef performing the cooking skill over the table.  There was a Viet chef named Nghia at the other side.  They were both fun to watch.  They cooked shrimps and flipped them to guesses and make volcano over onion slides.  The kids loved it and QuocNam said it's the greatest show on earth.

Thanksgiving in Gilbertville

The whole family spent the Thanksgiving at Mom's place.  Bac Hai came down from Pittsburg and co sau came in from Maryland.  Big family get together.  We had a good time and ate some good foods:  chicken and stuffing dinner on Thursday and Lau Thai on Friday.

We went to the Philly Outlet on Friday and then King of Prussia Mall on Saturday...Exhausted but fun

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween in Quincy

We went to the neighborhood around the house to trick or treat. Quocnam dressed up like super hero. It was rather chilly outside but fun. Quocnam got a lot of goodies. In one house, when they asked who are you and Quocnam said this is Benjamin from Stedman and people started laughing, what they meant was the character that Quocnam was in and he said I'm a super hero. After getting the candy they said bye to Benjamin from Stedman. It was a fun moment.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

some fun moments with Ben

When picking Ben from school, daddy asked him a few things:

- dem tu 1 den 50
- Cite Tre Tho
- Cite Cong On Cha Me
- Cite Chau Yeu Ong
- Cite Chau Yeu Ba
- Brush you teeth la danh noi xuc mieng la hong phai

Dad always checked what he has for lunch and Dad said chicken...Ben was amazed how would you know that...I was helping the chef with food...did you see me?

Dad sing...Bin la bin la u ca sin...bin la bin la u ca sen...bin la bin la u ca sinto...bin la bin la u ca tofu...

Ben said ah...that song was so annoying :)

One time Dad you want to talk to Adewumi Kondenege...Ben asked who is he...He is the Kenya president and Ben said

1 thoang vui

Today QuocNam went and visited grandpa at the nursing home.  He watched SBTN and during the singing of Trieu Con Tim, Nam hoi co ba trong do khong?  He always thought Lam Nhat Tien la ba. 

A nurse was talking to mom and said QuocNam is a handsome boy...He nodded and agreed :)

Sometime mon hoi Nam going ai...he said con going ba...Daddy hoi con muon going ai...Nam tra loi...con muon going ba