Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Invention project

QuocNam had some hard time to come up with the problem and invention to solve the problem...Dad suggested a couple things:  snorkcumbber machine or poop stick..both were rejected by QuocNam.  He then picked the organizer project.

Mat ddo?

Dad worked all night yesterday due to a production issue and QuocNam said to Mom when going to school in the morning la "Ba co' ma('t ddo? khg me.".  He told dad the samething at pickup time and then Dad joke to tell him that is his turn to wake up tomorrow at 2am to do homework :)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

History Wiz kid

QuocNam know alot about history especially WW2 and impressed his teacher alot.  He knew a lot of facts and can tell them in details...Just like dad who was in the history contest with other school on the TV ...proud moment :)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Birthday celebration of ba Bao in Worcester

Sinh nhat cua ba Bao ta.i Worcester...We all went to s Spanish restaurant Bocado Tapas Wine Bar.  Nice place with good food...small dishes and we ordered about 10 different kinds and shared among each other.  Had to wait for about 45 min because I didn't make reservation (lession learned).  Then we headed to ba Nam home to each cake.  Mom bought cake and balloons and brought them down here.  We all had a good time...although very cold night out.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Don xuan Ky Dau ta.i Boston

Di don xuan tai Boston...nham luc tuyet roi nhieu nhung ben trong hoi truong to chuc rat hay co' canh tri rat que huong...cong lang, cau tre, xe xich lo, cho*. hoa....

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nice touching moment for the New Year

When Dad was about to leave last night at 1am, I heard someone was running out toward the door...Thought it was mom...all lights were turned off...but the door openned and QuocNam came out and said "Bye Ba"...I was touched.  I came down to the car and heard the knocking on the window.  QuocNam was still up and looked out.  I drove the car out and stopped a moment at the window and saw QuocNam waiving...I rolled down the car window and waived back.

The next day I asked mom and she said QuocNam just saw light and realized Dad were going back to CT and ran out to see Dad.  He also waited until the flood light turns off before going back to sleep...

I guessed Dad spent a whole week there and had some bonds with QuocNam and he felt it.

Nice touching moment for the New Year